Prepare & Pass July 2016 Bar Exam

I am Kasey Shah from Hello BarPrep ( I would like to pass on advice for preparing for the July 2016 (applies to other sittings as well). I have passed the California Bar exam on my first attempt because I received help and pointers from many. I would like to pass my hard learned advice to the next set of bar exam candidates.

I am attaching a PDF document that walks through my recommendations on how to best prepare & pass this very difficult bar exam. Here is the link to the PDF document.

General Strategy for preparing for the bar exam

  • At least 8 weeks prep is recommended. If you have less than 8 weeks, plan to spend more time per week.
  • Keep thinking about the subject matter at every opportunity
    Mix up Essay, MBE, and PT in your schedule.
  • Plan at least 1 full scale simulations. Preferably do 3 full sale simulations to feel more confident during the bar exam.
  • Practice essays and MBE every day. Partial essays, outlines, full essay, or any combination thereof will do. As to MBE, do at least 17 questions in 30 minutes per day. Potentially do 2-3 sets of these.
  • Do not get stuck with one subject for days or week so that you can “master” it unless you have 3 or more months of study time before the bar exam.
  • Do not focus excessively on rule statements. Know the elements. Rule statements will come to you over time when you write essays (partial and full).
  • If you have 3 months or more – you can primarily focus on just one subject for 3 days. Limit this approach to subjects that are hard for you. Do as many MBEs for this subject in 3 days. Benefit of this approach is that you will have a great momentum for one subject and knowledge for it will build fast. During these days it is important to work on other subjects at least 1 hour a day to make sure that you are not forgetting other subjects and give you little break from this subject. Limit this approach to 3-4 of your hardest subjects.
  • Create and maintain “Notes to Review” document.
  • Create and maintain “Difficult Topics for Me” document. This could be a section in the above Notes to Review document.
  • Notes to Review Document
    • Add “Smart Notes” to this document along the way of your bar preparation phase.
    • Smart Notes – means the learnings and the core issue of a topic that you read, came across in an MBE, essay, audio lecture, study session, or came to your mind. Be brief and do not write more than you have to in order to recall the issue and the law. Do not turn this into an outline.
    • Review these notes frequently.
  • Difficult Topics for Me Document
    • Make a list of topics that are difficult to you.
      Initially you may start broadly e.g. remedies. However, your goal is to narrow this down to more specific as you learn more about remedies. You may then write this as how to calculate damages in breach of a construction contract for example.
    • Cross out the areas that you now understand and are not difficult for you. Do not delete these topics, cross them out. Reason is that you will see how far you have come in your studies and it will remind you what you did not know before and know now. It is important for self confidence and continuous learning.
      You can use paper notebook or an electronic format.
    • Use paper notebook to outline, write short essays, rule statements, and simply an analysis. It is known to be very helpful.
  • Hot Pencil Essay Drills
    • Write one, two, or three issues of an essay fact pattern
      Outline it in 10 minutes.
    • Write on one issue of your choice for 10 more minutes.
      Do not worry if you do not know the rule statement. Write something like this “[Rule statement goes here]” Know the elements of the rule and focus on analysis.
    • After you are done writing this short essay, fill in the rule statements after studying from outline or your notes. Review your essay answer against published or available sample. Improve upon your answer by either updating it or rewriting for another 10 minutes per issue.
    • Do this every day for one or more subjects.
    • When you have more time write on 2-3 issues for 20-30 minutes.
    • When you have even more time write the entire essay in 60 minutes
  • Hot Pencil MBE Drills
    • Do 17 questions in 30 minutes for 1 subject at a time if you are more than six weeks away from the bar exam. After that answer 17 questions in 30 minutes from a full scale MBE simulation.
    • On days you may not have enough time, at least practice with 10 questions in 18 minutes.
    • Review right and wrong answers.
    • Update your Notes to Review document.
    • Review your Notes to Review document before you attempt full scale MBE simulation.

For more details click on PDF document here.

-Kasey Shah-
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Prepare & Pass July 2016 Bar Exam

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